What’s next for the UK?

There’s a deep hunger for an unprecedented, renewing, invigorating and refreshing move of God in the UK and across Europe. Just because we want something from God, doesn’t always mean we are going to get it, but in this situation I am convinced, along with other prophetic voices that God is not only going to respond positively to us, but the ‘wheels within wheels’ of His magnificent purpose are already beginning to turn.

It’s a new day. Just as God will respond internationally to the multitudes who are diligently and earnest looking to find God in Islam, so to with the Millennial’s and every other cultural and ethnicity group in every area of society. God is responding. God has not finished with, forgotten or deserted mankind.

There is a love from God expressed for mankind that has been forgotten, to some extent even by the church, and the recovery of that revelation will be the backdrop of God’s overwhelming response in coming days – God loves mankind and is not willing that any should perish, not knowing, experiencing or feeling His love.  The song of the heart that gripped countless thousands in the past expresses the profound depths of God’s heart, plan and intention for mankind, our part is to respond open-heartedly to it;

If God is at work in the heart of the nation (and He is) what will it look like?

Let’s put something in context first; we don’t need another Pentecost. There is nothing wrong with what God has already done! No, the shortfall or whatever we may want to call it, from so-called ‘shifts’, ‘realignments’ or ‘activations’ is at our end. If we will put away the idolatry of our heart and seek the Lord and draw near to Him, He will draw near to us – at breathtaking speed.

It doesn’t take smoke machines, loud music, fire tunnels, power point or any other mechanisms, there’s no divinity in devices; and as Ezekiel witnessed with the dry bones, the sound of a mountain of bones clattering together didn’t represent life. These things are useful, inspiring and encouraging in the right place but the first and only insistence of God is that we turn, wholeheartedly, without reservation in faith, trust and obedience to Him.

That will mean that we have to consider what we are doing, have been doing, why we are doing it and how we are doing it. Do everything you can to honour God and tomorrow will be different, if only because of the joy of knowing you are honouring Him.

Delirious joy is returning to the Church. He never took it away, it is just that we lost the appetite for it and the strength, faith and confidence that comes with it.

Yes, 2018 is on nearly on us, but here comes the church – and more importantly, she is wildly, and passionately in love with Jesus again!  Everything is possible, and the miracles, signs and wonders? They are for our time here, not in heaven! So stir your heart and seek Him like never before.

2018 is going to be awesome, but so is tomorrow.

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