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I have always been fond of toast, having at some point in my youth seemingly developed an emotional attachment to it!

I even have fond memories of a time recently  when God was doing extraordinary things – friends came to the house shortly after midnight requesting prayer, hungry for God and not wanting to miss out on anything; it was an evening of excitement that ended with cups of tea and toast!

My intent is that this part of my website is where I talk about some of the issues concerning prophets and prophetic gifting without it being threatening.

None of the issues mentioned here are meant to be controversial or confrontational – my only goal is to proffer a scripture-honouring, Christ-exalting approach to prophetic ministry that enables us to offer to the Church at large something that is credible rather than incredible, honest and conducive to worship of our wonderful God.

My goal is to restore hope in the heart of the believer through authentic prophetic ministry, and in such a manner that they (and you) are stirred to trust Christ and love Him more than ever before.

So, make some toast and join me as we contemplate a few issues that may encourage, inspire and stir you in the things of God…

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