Interviewing a few friends about their journey in the prophetic ministry or the gift of prophecy and the lessons they have learned so far. Not all are prophets, but the different answers will give you an interesting view of how God uses people in so many varied ways.

You may be able to relate to some, wonder at others. There are no right or wrong answers and few of us come from the same denomination, church background or nation, but  if we are walking with the Lord we are all part of His wonderful Church.

Different people, different responses but the same 7 questions.

My experience:  Jason

  1. How, when and where did you first discern or know that God had spoken to you – and how did you know it was right?
    A. When I was 2 years old Jesus physically appeared to me while choking on a piece of candy, and told me that everything would be okay and that my mom shouldn’t stick her finger down my throat to try and grab it. After He said that, she began trying to stick her finger down my throat to grab it haha. When all was said and done, I was fine. I knew it was the Lord because I physically saw Him.
  2. If there was a prophet from any generation that you could spend time with other than Jesus, who would it be, why and what would you want to talk about?
    A. Samuel, because he started the school of prophets. I would ask him what the most effective way to activate people in the prophetic gift was.
  3. Prophets put a lot of emphasis on prayer, the bible and spending time with the Lord. Can you tell us about your daily time with the Lord?
    A. Typically I spend 30 minutes to an hour in silent meditation, listening to His voice and receiving visionary experiences. After this I read from the Psalms, at least right now.
  4. What’s the greatest advice you could give someone who is wanting to move more in the prophetic gift or ministry  today?
    A. Focus on your relationship with God and hearing Him during your daily devotions because the prophetic gift is merely an extension of your relationship with Him. Don’t focus on who’s the best or greatest because I’ve seen the simplest word completely transform someone’s life.
  5. Which preacher or speaker influences you most today, and if you could have dinner with them, what food would you order?
    A. Mike Bickle. I would ask the secret to staying faithful and fervent for decades.
  6. What really makes you happy, and what makes you sad?
    A. I’m glad that God works everything out for our good no matter what it is. I’m saddened by many things that go on behind the scenes in the leadership structures of the church worldwide.
  7. In just a few words what would you say is a few key things God is saying at this time?
    There’s a confrontation of mount Carmel coming where false prophets will be dealt with; however, it is the hand of God that will do this and not the hand of man. We cannot afford to have a civil war within the body of Christ at this time, the Lord will do it. As for His prophets, it’s important that we act as peacemakers and radiate His brilliant love while at the same time we take a stand for righteousness.

Maybe you have had a journey in the prophetic ministry and feel your experience would be helpful to others, if so then why don’t you answer the questions and send them to me!

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