Interviewing a few friends about their journey in the prophetic ministry or the gift of prophecy and the lessons they have learned so far. Not all are prophets, but the different answers will give you an interesting view of how God uses people in so many varied ways.

You may be able to relate to some, wonder at others. There are no right or wrong answers and few of us come from the same denomination, church background or nation, but if we are walking with the Lord we are all part of His wonderful Church.

Different people, different responses but the same 7 questions.

My experience: Andrew Sharpe

  1. How, when and where did you first discern or know that God had spoken to you – and how did you know it was right?
    A. When I was 13 he first spoke to me through an angel. It wasn’t that spectacular or dramatic. I am still waiting for the word to come to pass–I hope and believe it was right. The second time was more clear when I was 19 God spoke my name audibly (internal) and said he was proud of me.
  2. If there was a prophet from any generation that you could spend time with other than Jesus, who would it be, why and what would you want to talk about?
    A.  Enoch. I’d want to know what it was like to know God so well that He just decides to take you. How did that happen? What was that like?
  3. Prophets put a lot of emphasis on prayer, the bible and spending time with the Lord. Can you tell us about your daily time with the Lord?
    A. I’m on staff at the International House of Prayer so much of my prayer time is spent in the prayer room engaging with the worship and intercession sets. I’m in there at least 12 hours each week. I pray/sing in the Spirit a lot and whisper phrases to Jesus that declare how much I love him and remind me of who I am in Christ.
    Like: “Jesus, your name is like perfume poured forth. How sweet is the fragrance of your love. I long for more of you. I thank you that you live in me.” I do this off and on throughout my day. Whispering short phrases to the Holy Spirit & Jesus has been really powerful for me.
    At home in my personal prayer time I usually emphasize the Father. I envision myself boldly coming before his throne covered in the blood of his son. I thank him that through the blood of Jesus I am clean, pure, righteous, and holy before him. I thank him for rebuking the lies of the accuser that come against my identity and I thank him for the right of access into his courts–and then I lift up my needs, intercede, or just spend time with him.
  4. What’s the greatest advice you could give someone who is wanting to move more in the prophetic gift or ministry today?
    A. Take whatever revelation you see or hear and turn it into a dialogue with the Holy Spirit. It’s about relationship and communion with him. He shows us things to draw us into fellowship with his heart. Ask him how he feels and what he thinks about what he is showing you. Ask him questions. The prophetic should draw us into a closer relationship with Jesus. It shouldn’t distract us from that.
  5. Which preacher or speaker influences you most today, and if you could have dinner with them, what food would you order?
    A. Mike Bickle. Steak.
  6. What really makes you happy, and what makes you sad?
    A. Experiencing and understanding the Father’s affirmation and approval of me as a son makes me happy.
    Seeing how common it is in the body of Christ to partner with the lies and accusations of the enemy–in the form of judgements and having a harsh/critical spirit–this makes me sad.
  7. In just a few words what would you say is a few key things God is saying at this time?
    Go buy oil before it’s too late. Matthew 25 – The parable of the ten virgins.

Maybe you have had a journey in the prophetic ministry and feel your experience would be helpful to others, if so then why don’t you answer the questions and send them to me!

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