Quality time?

Many years ago, one of my co-elders was pressed with the  question, “What are the highest values in your life?” His response at that time was one that was marked with honesty and a slight edge of controversy. Basketball first, followed by God and then his wife. I remember feeling the weight of compromise as we pursued something of an ‘anti-law’ agenda. The answer was of course, both right and wrong.

The answer my friend gave was calculated to raise questions in the ‘legalism camp’, after all, shouldn’t God always be considered the greatest, most important and significant factor of our broken, crushed, sin-tainted and selfish, Christ-denying lives? Yes and no. It was also poorly thought through, but honest. Honesty was the issue at the heart of the agenda.  What really is the most important thing in your life?

I can tell you now that if you say theology, or Church life, leadership or the prophetic ministry – it is easy to verify

So maybe you want to think again?

If the real passion and vision of your life is leadership, how many seminars, books, conferences, DVD’s have you invested in? Home is where the heart is – where really is your heart? What are you truly committed to?

What are you really giving your quality time to? People? Stuff? Facebook? What\s going on in your heart?

At this point you probably want to say ‘church’ ‘family’ ‘evangelism’ or ‘the kingdom’.

Let me annoy you by asking, Is what is happening in your heart truly God’s great plan for your life – or are you being distracted by the ‘stuff of life’, put there by the enemy of your soul to distract you and keep you from the most fulfilling, awesome and rewarding lifestyle imaginable?

So often we cite the fable of ‘quality time’ (determined by our own values and also by that which we think will gather the fullest approval and acceptance of others) and not say that our life is in God’s hands. His call for us to spend hugege and significant  amounts of time seeking His face in prayer, studying His Word and waiting on Him – is inconvenient to us. The way that we remove this as quickly as possible from our lives is to call it, ‘legalism’ or ‘excessive’.

Whitfield, Wesley, Luther. Calvin and Edwards were not like you. i

Let’s blow the whistle on this stuff and nonsense and our present day laziness:

God wants us. To seek Him. Because we will find Him. And things will be different.

Let’s pause for breath.

A few years ago, after opening my life to one of the elders of a certain church he asked a question about my personal devotion and walk with God.  He was happy with my words of knowledge and prophetic words, sometimes getting people’s names and even their telephone numbers – but the counsel was for me to leave that and ‘go, mix with people on a social level more’. It was interesting advice.

God wants to speak with you, to you, through you more than you possibly imagine – but it is not about imagination, film plots or fantasy storylines. He really wants to speak to you.

In  1979 the Lord spoke to me, really spoke to me. He spoke with an audible voice, using my real name that no-one used, and He told me something that a human parent had never, to my recollection said.  I told him on a dark winter night in November 1997, that I loved Him, and after about 15 seconds a voice filled my bedroom saying, “I love you too Jonathan”.

I tell you that, for one reason only. God speaks. He knows who you are, where you are and what is going on in your life. Your only ever real quality time is with Him. Get quality time with Him, and everything else in life and the Universe will fall into place.

And life will be so different.

How do you do that? You already know what you are called to. In all things, it is usually prayer.

It’s a challenge.

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