God speaks – in different ways

How does God speak to us today? The answer is that God speaks through His Word, through preaching , prayer and meditation on His Word, and also through prophecy. It also goes without saying that God’s Word, the Bible, is sufficient for our needs entirely and inspired by God, and is infallible and inerrant.

It is not even a handbook to help us when we have problems, it is much more than that; it is the plumb line for our lives and  God’s personal disclosure of His Will showing what He requires of us, and more significantly, what He has done for us in Christ. i

Alongside God’s Word is the role of prophecy, and the rich tapestry of revelation demonstrated in Scripture through various prophetic ministries demonstrates that in the vast  genius of God, that He communicates with mankind in different ways, and at different times. ii

The way that God reveals Himself in prophecy can be more varied and multifaceted than you might imagine. Throughout the Bible and Church history God has chosen to reveal Himself in a number of ways – but significantly, God reveals Himself with crisp clarity. He is not an ambiguous God. He says what He means, and means what He says!

The difficulty sometimes arises as we put into human words the things that come to mind. That is why sometimes we need to wait on God until we have a clear sense of how we are to speak the things He brings to mind by His Spirit.

Whether we are auditory people, (having a sense of ‘hearing’ what God is saying – occasionally with an actual audible voice), visual people (‘seeing’ what God is showing) or kinesthetic people (having a sense of ‘feeling’ what God may be communicating), God communicates with us first and foremost through the Bible. The Bible is inspired in a way that we are not – and we can always trust the Bible without having to ‘weigh up’ what it may be saying to us!

The prophetic ministry comes to us through a huge and vast array  of words, creativity, expressions, signs, feelings, observations and sounds; all brought about through the contribution of individuals from every walk of life who are following after Jesus, serving the Church and one another.

Prophetic contributions are so valuable and are part of the bigger picture of God’s unfolding plan for the Church. What you have to share in your local Church, may be more precious and valuable than you realise! iii


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