wwjdI have always found it amusing to see people wearing wristbands urging them to consider the profound question, “What would Jon do?” It puts me under a lot of pressure, because I struggle in life just like everyone else. The question that is bigger than what would I do is, “Who is Jon?” That I can answer with some degree of confidence!

My name is Jon and I am a member of a New Frontiers Church located in Sheffield, in the UK.

If you have not heard of them, New Frontiers are an apostolic family of Churches that believe that prophetic ministry is not only encouraging and important in this day and age, but also an integral part of the genuine life of the Church.

I have written this website with the focus on two things; the first being the Gospel – the good news about Jesus Christ. It is astonishing, breathtaking and liberating news. It seems so strange when you see what the Gospel offers and announces that the atheist would turn their heart on such encouraging and hope-inspiring news and then announce with confidence that there is no god! You would have to be God to know if that were true! But this is not about atheism, it is about the wonderful grace and favour that comes to us through the Gospel – the wonderful truth about Jesus, who He is and what He has done for us and for Himself! It takes a lifetime to discover it, relish it and grow in it, but the adventure starts before you even discover that God is at work in your life!

The other focus is that the website is also borne out of my conviction that the way forward for authentic prophetic ministry in this hour is to ensure that with all integrity, prophets work out their ministry in a Christ-focusing, Scripture-honouring way.

I have been involved in one form or another with prophetic ministry since an encounter with God in November 1979 changed my life and convinced me that only does God want to speak to the Church, but that He does; and sometimes with an audible voice.

In the words of Spurgeon, “God is giving back to the Church, what He took not away”. The gifts of the Spirit are being seen in action more than ever before, God is doing a wonderful thing in our midst.

So, more seriously, WWJD?

What would Jesus Do? Brilliant question, but there is a better one…

The problem is that people can’t answer the question of what Jesus would do, if they don’t know  what Jesus did.

Most Christians (and even some non-believers) who lived through the early to mid 1990′s remember the WWJD bracelet craze. These bracelets were little strips of colorful nylon with the letters WWJD sewn into them. They were first introduced by a traveling evangelist from America named Dan Seaborn. The basic premise was that they were to serve as a reminder to ask oneself “What would Jesus do?” whenever faced with a decision. They spread like wildfire among evangelical circles and before long, the vast majority of believers had WWJD bracelets around their wrists.

And they were, and are helpful. Let’s not be mean spirited. The problem is that people can’t answer the question of what Jesus would do, if they don’t know or appreciate what Jesus actually did. The answer to that lies in the gospel. Jesus did everything for us.

What Jesus did for us is gospel, and the amazing grace that God has given to us is discussed throughout this website – take time to enjoy because it will greatly benefit you!

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