Naturally Supernatural?

There is an idea that has circulated in recent years about the Church being a people who are naturally supernatural.

The encouragement coming from the idea is that the supernatural is something that we should be moving and functioning in on a regular basis, and more than that, that it should be something we are naturally acquainted to, that when the miracles happen we should not be surprised. The idea is that we should be in a place where we are familiar with the work of the Spirit and flowing freely in things of God on a daily basis.

It’s a brilliant idea and concept – but we need to add some understanding to the idea, as by itself the concept is weak. Accompanying the idea of being naturally supernatural should be the necessary message of the gospel; making the idea even more encouraging, reassuring and challenging.

The problem with the idea of “Naturally Supernatural” by itself, is that we are not.It is something to aspire to, but we are encouraged by Bible to walk not by sight but by faith, to keep in step with the Spirit, and to let our minds be renewed daily by the Word of God.

Our default position is not to be naturally supernatural but to be earthly minded, so much so that we are called to encourage, remind and exhort one another in the things of God and to set our minds on Christ, being renewed daily.

Being naturally supernatural without other safeguards just doesn’t work for all, if any.

There is a better understanding to add to the ambition of being naturally supernatural – and it is a biblical one…

Being a people of the Spirit, walking by faith.

Being a people of the Spirit speaks of:

  • community: being a people together that care for each other, encouraging one another to focus on Christ, to look beyond the heartache and frustration of life.
  • mission: having a sense of purpose, outreach and a heart for the lost
  • shared life-encounters: Our stories together of God’s grace and kindness remind us of God’s great plans and purposes for us together and individually

Walking by faith as a people of the Spirit speaks of:

  • Believing God on a daily basis of God’s redemptive plan and intervention for our lives
  • We don’t have a team mentality, we are a family, a people together not competing against each other or a common enemy, we are walking together by faith, in cooperation with the Spirit.
  • Being led by the Spirit – ours is a walk of faith. It is not motionless, we’re moving on with God.

Moving in the things of God is not something that just happens, we need to be relentless in our pursuit of God, following His leading where and when it comes. When we miss opportunities we commit ourselves to seeking God again and looking for opportunities to be used by God.

There is no condemnation from God when we miss the leading of His Spirit. Nothing about us takes Him by surprise and it certainly is never true that if you don’t speak or act immediately on God’s leading that God will not speak to you again until you obey His last leading. Ask, listen and follow the leading of the Spirit. Obedience really is a key factor in seeing more of God’s power at work in your life!

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