The Big Redesign: What’s Next for the prophetic ministry?

churchThe ‘prophetic movement’ have their work cut out for them when it comes to modernising their approach to prophetic ministry.

The truth is, any transformation of prophetic ministry is always a radical call to step backwards in terms of its function and vision. There simply is nothing wrong with the biblical model and role of prophecy, even in the face of our present-day world, ministry and culture.


Looking backwards in both the old and new covenant narratives, we find inspiration, challenge, and ‘stuff’ that we frequently had no idea existed. If you are unaware of such ideas and stumble across them, you will think they are immediately relevant. It seems that our generation struggles with the sufficiency of the gospel and continues to assume that it needs a hand by introducing technology to ‘enhance’ it’s communication.

The fact is, God does not need any assistance with the powerful life-changing, Christ-exalting work of the gospel. It is effectual, powerful and sufficient to its task and mandate. The gospel is the power of God unto salvation. We have a similar moment with prophetic ministry.

Making sense

Some of the ‘outside-of-church’ i prophetic ministries have hopefully begun to realise that from the Church’s point of view, many of the things they were saying and doing have made no sense whatsoever. The terminology used to entice people to sign up for conferences, seminars or to buy books or videos can in one sense be termed as manipulation. People can be enticed by some of these ideas. It is common place to hear buzz words like, “Shift”, “realignment”, “activation”, “portal”, “Realignment of the ages”, “prayer assignments” “decrees”. To say that any challenge on these terms is divisive, demonstrates the extent to which the problem exists. We simply do not need this jargon, either God is speaking or he is not! Nothing is shifting, or realigning – the church is not in a fictional or fantasy tale novel – it is in the real world, touching real people and changing real lives!

Crudely speaking, and from a ‘branding standpoint’, ii there is a definitive call for prophetic ministry to once more carry the same unfurled banner as the apostles; declaring the supremacy of Christ in all things, His Sovereign purpose and the need for all men everywhere to trust Christ alone for their salvation, and never to grow weary in doing well for His glory.

The prophet is a gift to the Church – but they are a gift ‘in the church to the church!’ Their role starts as members of the Church, and they are accountable to it!

Hopefully, I can unpack this a bit more in the near future – watch this space!

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