Always more than restoration.

One of the buzzwords in the 1980’s was the word, “restoration’.

For those who already know about it, it came with such terms as R1 and R2 and was met with knowing nods and winks from various communities in the church, mostly in the UK.

Despite all that was meant, interpreted and understood by such a term as ‘restoration’ in the day nothing prevails as much as the prophetic word that is emerging in the midst of the church in this day and age that God is bringing about the most staggering restoration to faith, vision and values that the Church has ever seen.

It is not difficult to envision the total overturn of the tables and carts of liberal take-it-or-leave-it theology. In Narnia language, Aslan is returning, the Lion is roaring and the whole scenario of world history is about to change despite the protestations of sin-blinded, heart-broken and dream-plundered mankind.

Restoration speaks of more than repairing a ruptured wheel on a dilapidated  vehicle, it means a full, working restoration and a strengthening, adjustment and capability to where that which is restored, not only looks, but is better than the original condition. This is God’s creative genius at work under the full dynamic, sovereign and omnipotent power of the Spirit-sending divine, eternal omniscient, omnipresent Son, Jesus Christ.

We have seen the church in world history, beholding a mystery as we do so – but something is afoot. As fools declare that there is no God, and others cheerfully announce that it is now in decline, regressing, diminishing God has a response – the Nations of the world have not seen anything yet!


Restoration is on the agenda of God’s purposes  for the Church, don’t be distracted by the authentic astonishing signs, wonders, astonishing miracles and interventions that are coming – but be consumed by a renewed passion for the magnificent supremacy of Christ in all things. Let it overwhelm you internally and become the magnificent obsession of your heart as you pursue Him in all things.

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